Rocky and Clubber Prove Its All About The Placement

rockey mr t rocky 3

Love Rocky – The legendary stare down between Rocky and Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rockey 3 prove its all where you put your hands. Nooo Rock, not there

Happy St. Patricks Day – Kristie Mckeon

kristie mckeon st patties

UFC ring girl Kristie Jane Mckeon sports a lavish green bikini in her tribute to the good ol’ Irish holiday.

“Happy St Patricks Day to my Irish friends! Can’t wait to head there for #ufcdublin this year! @ufc”

Bloodstain Recaps Canelo vs. Angulo

Bloodstain Lane drops a knowledge drop all the doubters, who question the heart and talent of the red Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez. I completely agree, the stoppage was just. Angulo’s face was a complete train wreck in the post fight interview.

If a War Machine Asks For a Slurpee, You Best Give It To Him

Slurpee’s for everyone! regardless of race, religion and or choice of cranial attire. War Machine calm down buddy, no need to push against that probation line again.

GSP Has Staying Power

gsp cant finish

Some guys finish early, others …. err. Funny meme featuring the former UFC champion Georges St. Pierre.

Jon Jones Tastes Dragons Breath

Dana White about shit in his pants when he saw this clip of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones getting a face full of a Remington 870′s Dragonsbreath. Watch out champ!

Arianny Celeste Naked Panty Ass

arianny naked ass

I have been long tired of posting anything with Arianny as of late. But this new picture of her in sexy see through skivvies, rejuvenated my interest in the Ultimate Fighting Championships top diva.

Maturity level aside, can you please pass the butter and syrup. Umm um.

UFC Jeopardy

Coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Kenflow Proposes

kenflo hitched

Kenny Kenflo Florian sockless on one knee proposing to his longtime girlfriend.

Cowboy Crushes Adriano – UFC On FOX

Snap, crack to the neck Cowboy Cerrrone puts a licking on Adriano Martins Saturday night on FOX.